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Paid Ads

Ads can be an effective way to get more visibility to your product or service. Whether you have an eCommerce site or brick-and-mortar location and want to bring in customers to buy your products, Ads can be a great option. At Tried and True Digital Marketing we can assist you with your Paid Ad questions, and guide you to the most effective ad strategy for your goals and advertising budget. Here is a breakdown of ad strategies that can be deployed independently, or together for maximum effectiveness:

  • Brand Awareness/Lead Generation Ads– Looking to drive new visitors to your website? With our “look-a-like” approach, we are able to identify the online locations where your target audience is browsing, and strategically post ads in those sites for your potential new customers to see! Including a call-to-action button, curious new visitors will click and come see what your business is all about!
  • Retargeting Ads – These are designed to retarget your ads to visitors who have already come to your website (e.g. like the new visitors who clicked on your lead generation ads!). Let’s say a potential customer found your website, poked around a bit, but didn’t interact (e.g. make a purchase, complete a form, etc). After they leave your website, they will suddenly see your ads pop up in various places online. These ads are designed to keep your brand in front of your target audience, and ideally bring them back to your site to make a purchase!
  • Email Targeting – On average, shoppers who are targeted with both emails and ads together are 2x as likely to convert and also convert 2x faster than shoppers who see ads alone. With odds that good, you’re missing out if you’re not targeting customers on their browsers and in their inbox!
  • Social Media Advertising – Instead of creating ads on individual social platforms, we can help you launch a single campaign that coordinates your budget across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and the web. We can help you unify your paid social advertising to make it easy to be consistent across various platforms to appeal to all your target customers!

At Tried and True Digital Marketing we are here to help you with your Paid Ad needs – contact us to learn more!